What our customers are saying about Mosaic

25th January 2012 from The Ivy Patisserie

Can't wait to start serving your coffee. Heaven in a coffee cup!

31st July 2011 from Linda C

Hi, purchased some packets of coffee beans on a Maeve O'Mara cooking tour in April and they had your email address on them. As I live in the Shire, can I come and buy some more packets from you. I only need them for personal use, not resale or anything so need about 5 pkts at the moment for my friend and myself but also will want to come back for more in the future. The coffee is the best I've tasted and it would be great if I can get it from you on a regular basis.

05 June 2011 from Space Espresso Bar, Rosebery

My coffee sales have doubled since i've introduced Mosaic Coffee in my cafe. I have many satisfied customers. Thank you.

22 August 2010 email from Alyce

Once we ground and used your Italian roast coffee in our French Press we will not use any other. Where is the coffee bean grown? Can the packages be frozen?

12 August 2010 email from Jonathan

“Just had my 2nd morning trying Mosaic Beans for the first time. I am not easily impressed these days and can only report a great coffee experience very rarely. This is a really big, complex, satisfying coffee without bitterness. I would liken it to one of the great South Australian Shiraz vintages. Writing this a couple of hours later, the aftertaste assures me I have indeed had one of those great coffee experiences. Well done.”